Open Analytical Platform based on ODPi data components.


With built-in Apache HAWQ (incubating) power SQL engine this is the most robust open platform now to fuel business applications at the speed of thoughts.


For most critical BI and analytical applications it provides 100% ANSI SQL compliance to ensure all request from most demanding users will be performed.


For those who has no BI installed can use the full stack to analyze the data and visualize the results by using MADLib & Apache Zepplin

Who our customers



a startup sourced by the mature team of professionals with dozen years of proven experience in data platform design and architecture.


We strongly believe that making complex data analytics open for every enterprise will make our life better by bringing more smart products and services.

Our platform

leveraging 100% open source components as the wise

replacement for your legacy analytical platform or SNMP data base that costly,

slow and not able to scale at the speed modern  business requires.



Who we are


Our customers

are modern and innovatively thinking enterprises willing to unlock the potential of BigData in a most efficient way. Most of them need an affordable solutions for data gathering and analysis to transform their ideas into a new solutions.

Our platform




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Open Analytical Platform


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